Sadie swore she’d never get married. But when tragedy hits her family, she finds herself getting married in order to save her home. Aden didn’t save Sadie when they were younger but he’s not going to be weak now. Little do they know that Aden’s father is keeping secrets from them and the entire Amish community and that is the real reason they are forced into marriage.

I love Amish fiction and I jumped at the chance to review A Reluctant Bride for Booklook Bloggers. A Reluctant Bride is the first in the Amish of Birch Creek series by Kathleen Fuller.

I enjoyed getting to know Sadie and Aden. They both had baggage and it made them so much more real. Sadie had her reasons for not wanting to get married and hating both Aden and his alcoholic brother, Solomon. Aden’s relationship with Solomon and his father, the Bishop of their community, is troubled by both mental and physical abuse. It was hard to see how the two would come together at all.

But when they do, through no real choice of their own, their developing relationship is precious. I found myself encouraging them both to let go of their past fears and doubts. I wanted to join them at the dinner table and get them talking to each other.

Into the mix, Fuller adds in some mystery and intrigue. She was able to keep me wondering until the end and beyond. She left a couple of pieces of the story line at a cliffhanger to be finished in the coming books. (I hope!)

I will definitely be watching for the next book in the series. I’m excited to see how the cliffhangers get resolved and hopefully get a glimpse of Sadie and Aden in the future. I had never read any of Kathleen Fuller’s books but I enjoyed this one immensely and will be looking up her other books.

If you enjoy the Amish Romance, you’ll enjoy A Reluctant Bride by Kathleen Fuller! It’s everything that is typical of the genre, with a twist!

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