This is not the Bible in 90 Days update I was planning on doing.  Or the weekly wrap-up that I have almost ready (except for pictures and links).  But I promised a special 7 yr old that I would post this, and I don’t want to disappoint!

Bug pulled the book Chocolate: A Sweet History by Sandra Markle off his shelf to read the other night.  I read part of it to him, and he read the rest before bed.  He loved learning about one of his favorite foods.   He woke up the next morning INSISTING we make the recipe at the back of the book.  We picked up the last ingredient at the store tonight – so guess what we had for dessert!

Chewy Chocolate Yum Yums

2 C crunchy chow mein noodles
1 C mini marshmallows
1 12 oz bag of chocolate chips

Mix noodles & marshmallows in a mixing bowl.  Melt the chocolate chips in the microwave or on the stove and pour on top of the noodles/’mallows.  Mix well.  Spoon the mixture onto wax paper.  After it’s cooled and set a bit, shape into balls or ‘beaver dams’ as Bug decided to do.  Cool in the fridge for an hour or so.  Eat and Enjoy!

Bug made almost the entire thing himself.  (I did help with the melting and pouring of chocolate.)  He enjoyed it thoroughly and enjoyed the end product even more!

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